Scribble Stacks

Pictionary meets the old schoolground game Telephone. A new form of multiplayer mobile game where users play together in groups of friends rather than 1-on-1. After completing a drawing or phrase, their turn is sent to the stack for any one of their friends to pick up and continue onward. Game ends when a full cycle of turns is completed. Pass-and-play mode available for offline play. Built for iOS with Swift and Firebase api.

Features Include:

- Invite users to your team using Google Invites. TeamId passed through email and text via dynamic links.

- Earn in-game coins to unlock themed wordpacks.

- No-Sql DB loads team data asynchrously. DB is sorted into Team, Game, and User tables. When searching for available game, most recent, not back-to-back user game is pulled.

- Upvote or downvote drawings and captions at the end of each game. Save an image of the final comic strip to your camera roll.

- Play with friends in teams, play a public match with global users, or play locally with pass-n-play.

Process Work