Scribble Stacks WIP

Pictionary meets the old schoolground game Telephone. A new form of multiplayer mobile game where users play together in groups of friends rather than 1-on-1. After completing a drawing or phrase, their turn is sent to the stack for any one of their friends to pick up and continue onward. Game ends when a full cycle of turns is completed. Pass-and-play mode available for offline play. Built for iOS with Swift and Firebase api.

Users can create, name, and add friends to their own team. Invites are handled with Google Invites using dynamic links through text and email. Each user that belongs to a team starts their own game by selecting a word, create a drawing, and then sending to stack. If there are games available, the app will pull down a game to play and return to the stack when turn is completed.

The game is over after set turns have been completed. All users involved are shown the final results. After voting for your favorite, player names are revealed and a winner is crowned.

In-game currency can be earned by completing turns and receiving votes. Currency can be used to unlock new wordpacks, refresh word choices, or change your team's name.

Game expected to be completed in 2017.

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